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I understand completely a Pisces or anybody else for that matter needing space.

Could I be wrong am I picking up on all the wrong vibes because of my past? He claims he loves me to death He is a master of poker faces. I smile everyday but I feel like I'm dying inside. I'm normally not a insecure person and have been taken advantage of in my past by different people for being to trusting.

How The Stars Align To Our Head, Shoulders, Knees And Toes!

I'm sad. How can I talk to him with out giving him the feeling I am accusing him of infidelity? I have never been more in love!! The last thing I want is to hurt him or for him to withdraw further from me. G - May PM. It has been a very spiritual journey for myself as a Pisces. Those who have not yet identified with some of the aspects of this sun sign are either not far enough along their journey, or are very much holding true to the easily wounded side of this sign. I have given my heart to so many, love the idea of love, and been hurt when my "ideals" have crashed and reality has set in, realizing they were never who I dreamed them to be to begin with.

It completely makes my day to make someone who seemed unhappy, happy I love to paint, and will put in earbuds while doing so in order to lose myself in the creative energy coursing through me and "get it out" so to speak.

But alas, I am my own worst critic and am never fully satisfied with my work. I always feel misunderstood or taken for granted, and believe that I need to live alone by the ocean and only interact when I feel energized enough to do so. I wear myself thin and have been left holding debt and heartache when giving to someone or something with all I have and will go into a depression for months to build back up, and then repeat it all over again. I am happy to be me, and I embrace all parts of who I am as a Pisces.

I encourage all of my fellow Fish to do the same! You are beautiful and strong! Sam - May AM. I'm Christian Baptist, don't consider myself lazy or impractical, and renounce my faith three times and excepted the Holy spirit and Holy ghost in my life, for he guides my life. Manny - Apr PM. So true, nobody but a pisces can understand the natural desire to pretty much self destruct and to almost literally just drift, i also dont believe any but a pisces can know the unbelievable heartache when betrayed by someone you totally gave ALL of yourself to, yet still love them unconditionally, just drifting through life unable to understand why they cant see that no one else could ever possibly care as much as you do, day in, day out just hoping that you can hold on just long enough for them to realize that love was as pure as it gets, because with each day our grip on life becomes weaker as the emptiness grows colder.

Mattunnaki - Feb PM. That all above are true about me. Row - 8-Sep AM. Love this and so me :- I'm a huge dreamer and don't trust many people, been burned to many times. I have a farm which fulfills my earthy nature and my loner side. A perfect life for a Pisces as far as I'm concerned :- Boy wish I would have read this year's ago and I would have saved myself years of heartache with dating the wrong match men :-p Thanks for the read I greatly enjoyed it!

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This is nothing like me. I only trust 3 people in my live.

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I don't help others who do not help me!! Kaylabug - 3-Aug AM. I wish you luck on your journey of fulfillment and growth. ExploreAstrology - Oct AM. Having a sixth sense and being creative. Yes, that fits, but the rest not at all. I do like to help, but I'm not letting other people use me and never have. I'm actually quite assertive and a natural fighter.

I m not an anxious person either and I'm also very organised and practical. So much of this article doesn't apply at all ML: Good choice with Taurus. I love them: their calmness and sensuality. Very sexy ; fatkat - Oct PM. The Dreamer, creative mind is true. Ideas are this Pisceans thing. BUT "lazy" However, with a Capricorn Mars I understand where the willpower and need to start and finish a project til the bitter end comes in. I don't align with the "flighty" Pisces definitions at all. I am someone who likes to lead and if a group is standing around not knowing what to do, I have to step up and take charge.

Maybe that's the Leo Rising in me, who knows. In all, the two inherent Pisces traits are the Compassionate care-giver and Creative mind.

Personality Traits of a Pisces

Beyond that Am happily coupled with a Taurus as well. We are a powerhouse team. In that team we each lead in our specialties. One manages the food the other manages the technology.

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Works out really well. ML - 4-Jun PM. This describes my mom and my aunt to a T. Jenni - 5-Jan AM. The features of a pisces has fully described exactly who I am, my question is this. Can a piscesbe everly compatible with a cancer in terms of marital aspect? I will be looking forward to get a prompt response from you. Thank you. Enter word:.

Basics of Astrology Zodiac Signs Love and the Zodiac Types of Astrology Famous Astrologers Astrology in Pop Culture Astrology Systems Site Information Ash Re: Astrology for Babies I had ectopic pregnancy just wanted to know whether I'll conceive again or no n will I have a normal pregnancy 6 October I want my old zodiac sing! I was virgo but right now I'm leo and wha the hell I am not self-loving!!

Please change it back I want my old… 6 October Need help to make a decision whether to renovate or not as it is costly. No support from husband… 3 October Both fit my personality so it's really weird. Ian unmarried. I want to know when will I get married. I was born 5 pm on Easter Sunday.

How can we… 1 October Years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. This is an auto-immune disease where the body attacks and destroys the thyroid gland. If you look closely at my neck in your weekly videos you might notice the large goiter wrapped over my thyroid. It's almost the size of a golf ball. In any event, this goiter began to grow during my second pregnancy and for many years it was just an annoying, unsightly lump. Somewhere between the stress of sudden single motherhood, scrambling to build a career, and four years of awful divorce litigation, my annoying lump decided to go psycho.

Inside Medical Astrology, The Practice That Assigns Your Sign To Certain Body Parts

At that point, my Endocrinologist told me I might want to consider having my thyroid removed. If I did this, I would obviously need to be placed on thyroid hormone medication for the rest of my life. This didn't sit well with me. My numerologist always told me that since I'm a 7 Life Path, I would respond best to holistic treatments whenever possible.

So I did a bit of research and decided to hire a holistic doctor who specializes in treating my condition. The first thing he told me was that we needed to treat the underlying cause of my auto-immune disease which he suspected had to do with adrenal fatigue or possibly failure triggered from the years of over the top stress where I was constantly in "fight or flight" mode. Well I knew that Taurus rules the throat and thyroid gland and my Sun basic vitality is in Taurus. This suggests I have a natal predisposition to illness in this area.

But can you imagine my shock when a well-respected colleague of mine, who IS a medical astrologer, told me that my Mars square Pluto aspect was the culprit for my adrenal stress? I was shocked when she connected the dots. I've got Pluto in my 6th House of Health and Mars is the ruler of my Ascendant another physical point in the horoscope. Mars happens to rule the adrenal glands and Pluto rules the metabolism. Using my horoscope, she revealed my personal "weak" points health wise. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist.

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